Monday, January 19, 2015

TED: Find mentors and read books

This is a great lecture about making your dreams come true. 

We all want a good life. We all want to be great. However greatness doesn't just come to us. We have to pay for it. We have to invest in ourselves - become greater and constantly achieve new goals.

We can do it by our self the hard way but there are people who've already succeeded, people who can teach you and guide you - they should be you mentors. Find them! They could be your shortcut.

Some of the greatest mentors in the world are dead and others are unreachable (perhaps Bill Gates will answer my emails some day), that doesn't mean that you cannot learn from them. Read their books, their blogs and listen to their podcasts and interviews. If you want to be great you must learn from the great.

I want a good life. I'm not there yet, it will be hard, but I'm willing to pay for it.

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