Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ng-Hint – Intellisense for Angular.js

Angular is great. I love it and in my opinion is the best thing that happened to the web development community in the last several years. However as much as I love Angular there is nothing more annoying than searching all other your code while trying to figure out why the #@$% it doesn’t work! And then finally you see it - you forgot a module or misspelled ‘ng-repeat’. If only Angular would have some sort of intellisense what would warn me when I make those mistakes.


Is a great library that scans your code and writes warnings to your browser console.

It has several modules:


  • angular-hint-directives - Hints about misspelled attributes and tags, directives and more:
    <ul ng-repaet="point in points">

The console will show this hint:


  • angular-hint-dom - Warns about use of DOM APIs in controllers. Angular best practice is to avoid using DOM API from the controller so that this code will trigger a warning:

//Accessing the DOM API `document.getElementById()` triggers an AngularHintDOM warning
var list = document.getElementById('list');
var newListItem = document.createElement('div');
= 'Item 1';


angular-hint-events - Identifies undefined variables in event expressions. For example if you have a ng-click targeting some function that doesn’t exists in your controller : 

<a ng-click="increments">Count!</a>
$scope.increment = function(){
 The docs say that this code should trigger a hint, unfortunately it didn’t work for me Sad smile – they have an open issue for that.

var myApp = angular.module('myApp', []);

I’ve also included :

<script src="src/angular-messages.js"></script>

which has a module in it. So the console has a warning:


The first warning is a known issue and should be ignored.

This is a great library however is still has some open issues and the worst part is that if you reference the script hint.js it will crash your app Sad smile. They have several open issues addressing this problem. I truly hope that they would fix it soon since it is a great library. Meanwhile you could add the script before you commit your work just to see if there are no warnings and you have applied all the best practices.

Hint: Keep your eye on Angular-Hint!

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