Saturday, August 4, 2012

1 2 3??? What?

A critical point in the life of every blogger is when he or she needs to decide the title of their blog.
 Every developer searches the web for answers - "how to start using that new tool" or "what does that error really mean and how to fix it". As a developer I was frustrated when I searched different blogs that were talking about my problem but they didn't really allow me to go back to my computer and solve the problem. I had to dig in more and only after combining the knowledge I got from all of the posts together I could finally solve my problem.
Well like a true agile believer when something seems wrong to me I “stop the line” and fix it. I can’t fix all those posts that didn’t really give me a solution, but I can write new ones that will present a problem (1), explain why that problem appeared in the first place (2) and then give a solution to the problem (3). After reading this post all that’s left to do is code.

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