Sunday, August 19, 2012


Recently I've started a new chapter in my life. It's not about software developing but in the end it has a direct effect on my career as a team leader.
This chapter is 6 months long (2 really long courses) in which I almost don't get home, that's my excuse for not writing that often. In 59 days it will be over but who's counting right?
In this time I deal with different kind of tasks that improve my abilities of multi-tasking, time management, delegating work and dealing with a whole new content world.

I received couple of huge missions that I have to complete by the end of the course. Every mission is a project that I'm its project manager. Besides the projects I have different course assignments to present - regular paper assignments and tests. You think that's it? Nah. I also have sudden things that I have to do like call someone, send tons of emails or go to an unplanned meeting. Every day I have to go to at least 4 meetings, present 2 course assignments, call 5 people and schedule a meeting with them, send 20 emails and at least 10 unplanned things that I had to do besides the project's planned tasks.
I can never remember and complete all those tasks and proceed working on my projects. I want to succeed in this course, so I have to improve in completing all my tasks while investing minimum time effort. To do that I need some sort of transparency about the way I deal with my tasks. The project is huge so I need to find a way to plan how to deal with it and to set the right priorities.

I need to be Agile!

Get tooned for the next post.

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