Saturday, August 13, 2016

This is what I read

I read a lot. I think that reading is one of most important activities one can do in order to improve and become better.


I share most of what I read on my Twitter account. Recently more and more people ask me where I find the stuff I read. So I decided to share with you my sources.

There are 5 main sources where I constantly find great articles, videos and posts:

1. Feedly – here I keep my blog roll (you can find the full list in the end of this post). It is a simple RSS reader where I subscribe to the blogs that are the most relevant to me and which I want to be up to date with their content. if I land on a good post in an unfamiliar blog, I go through the last 3-4 posts and if most of the content is actually good and relevant, then I add the blog to Feedly.

2. Twitter – unlike Facebook, that is full of my friends posts (and pictures), in Twitter I follow business newspapers, tech news, engineering content, leading CEO’s and tech world “celebrities”.

Netanel Lev wrote once a post describing the difference between Twitter and Google Reader (like Feedly) - Twitter is my radio station, Google Reader is my disc player! This post describes perfectly the difference between a RSS reader that has predictable content that you have chosen like music on a CD (Yes I know, that is an old post Smile). And Twitter, that is unpredictable and “every new tweet is a song that maybe I like or not”.

3. Pocket recommendationsPocket is my favorite and most used app. I keep there everything I find interesting, in order to read it later, when I have time. Another cool Pocket feature is a recommendations feed that is created by different members of the Pocket community (the content that they recommend to others, and by Pocket itself using personalization mechanisms). The more you read the better recommendations Pocket will provide for you.

4. Software Lead Weekly – this is a weekly mailing list created by Oren Ellenbogen. It aggregates great articles and videos regarding tech, leadership, startups and engineering culture.

5. Books! Posts, articles, videos, tweets are great way to learn new things and be updated with what happens in the world. However, if you wish to master something and become a true expert you have to read books. A post by some expert can get you this far, but a whole book that is written by that same expert will teach you whole lot more. This post has a list of 95 books in various topics that are probably relevant to you. This is a great place to start building your library.


I think that you should have at least 2 sources (besides reading books):

(1) A blog roll that you have picked based on your interests (you can use any RSS reader, Feedly is my choice).

(2) “An unpredictable radio” – Twitter, Pocket, Medium and more in order to be exposed to new sources and things you didn’t know that exist.


Keep reading!


As promised here is my blog roll:


1. - Short posts of great tips in .NET and Visual Studio

2. - .NET news

3. - a friend of mine who writes about .NET related stuff

4. (podcast)  - no need to listen to all of the episodes – pick the ones that you feel are relevant to you


6. - Oren Eini, one of the best developers in Israel (some say that in the world). He used to write about .NET low level stuff but now most of his posts are about RavenDB (his product - .NET based DB), Sometimes he shares some bugs that they had and more interesting stuff

7. - Visual studio blog posts

8. - Visual Studio news

9. . NET announcements

10. -new features in the NET world


1. a blog with several great writers: the creator of AutoMapper, CQRS and event Sourcing experts and more

2. - The one and only Martin Fowler.

3. - Head of WIX backend. He writes about software solutions, architecture and management

4. - The best Israeli Hebrew blog.




Tech stuff:

1. - Scott Hanselman’s blog

2. - Scott Hanselman’s podcast

3. - Hebrew Tech podcast. My favourite episodes are “Bumpers” – one hour of 2-3 minutes short discussion about variety of technology topics like frameworks, tools, announcements , posts and more 

4. - Yossi Shmueli’s blog


1. - Used to work in Spotify and now in Lego!! Greatposts about agile, lean and culture

2. - Joel Spolsky the creator of Stack Overflow and Trello. Worth following him on Twitter.

3. - Moti Karmona’s blog

4. - culture and leadership – software oriented

5. - Hebrew podcast about management

6. - The BEST Hebrew podcast! It’s about startups. They interview the biggest Israeli CEO’s, CTO’s and enterpanures about their startups success or failure.

7. - Podcast regarding the culture in different organizations and startups

8. - Netanel Lev’s blog

9. - Shani Raba’s blog


11. – time management tips

12. Alon Pakash’s blog


1. - 10 minutes podcast episodes about the latest libraries and feature in JS.

2. - Hebrew blog

Tech companies blogs:

1. - Wix blog

2. - Facebook blog - Priceless!!!!

3. - Spotify

4. - Airbnb


6. - Twitter

7. - Github

8. - Instagram

9. - Pinterest

10. - Netflix


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